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Why Choose Purple Wire?

01.  Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Purple wire is a 100% black owned company. We are made up of six basic business units namely Management & ICT Strategy Consulting;  SAP Supply Chain Consulting; Systems Development & Integration; Telematics and Data Analysis; Business Processes Mapping and Automation; and ICT Infrastructure Consulting that form an integrated mix of core services to our customers.

02. We are building for Africa

Our business units are led by energetic set of individuals who are experienced in their fields who are passionate about our mission to be a technology partner of choice within South Africa and Sub-Saharan Region to both our customers and solution providers.

03. We Have Strong Values

  • We handle the reputation of our partners and customers with care.

  • We implement solutions of the highest standard by any measures across the globe.

  • We treat contractors handling our products and services as a family.

  • We ensure that our employees are always at the core to the success of the organisation.

04. Your success is our success

At Purple Wire we believe that SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL, something that we know holds true to our partners and customers too. We work closely with you and your stakeholders to ensure we achieve the best outcome. 

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